The Society was formed in 1986 with a mission to support and promote the application of electron microscopy to diagnosis and research of human disease. Over the years, the scope of biennial meetings has expanded to include immunohistochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and research. Now in the time of rapid increase of information and paradigm change in the field of health care, we are facing new challenges of increased diagnostic techniques that require attention and correlation with microscopical methods. The scientific programs cover the traditional areas of pathology as well as correlative microscopy and other investigative modalities.

The biennial conference addresses practicing surgical pathologists, trainees, and other scientists involved in pathological diagnosis and research. The scientific programs cover both the traditional significant areas of pathology and selected dedicated areas.

UltraPath Meetings

Ultrapath XXJune 7-8, 2022 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ultrapath XIXJune 24-29, 2018 – Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Ultrapath XVIII July 10-15, 2016 – Lisbon, Portugal
Ultrapath XVII July 27 – August 1, 2014 – Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Ultrapath XVI August 6-10, 2012 – Regensberg, Germany
Ultrapath XV July 18-23, 2010 – Richmond, Virginia, USA
Ultrapath XIV July 6-11, 2008 – Aghia Pelaghia, Crete
Ultrapath XIII July 9-14, 2006 – Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Ultrapath XII July 11-16, 2004 – Barcelona, Spain
Ultrapath XI August 12-16, 2002 – Aspen, Colorado, USA
Ultrapath X 2000 – Florence, Italy
Ultrapath IX 1998 – Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Ultrapath VIII 1996 – Oaxaca, Mexico
Ultrapath VII 1994 – Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
Ultrapath VI 1992 – Jackson, New Hampshire, USA
Ultrapath V 1990 – Park City, Utah, USA
Ultrapath IV 1988 – Ullensvang, Norway
Ultrapath III 1986 – Ottawa, Canada
Ultrapath II 1984 – Seattle, Washington, USA
Ultrapath I 1982 – Aspen, Colorado, USA

The Society for Ultrastructural Pathology (SUP) participates in annual meetings of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP). The SUP holds a companion meeting, in which a panel of invited speakers makes presentations on a topic of interest chosen ahead of time by the society. Any attendee who has registered for the relevant portion(s) of the USCAP meeting is encouraged to attend these sessions, regardless of SUP membership.

Visit the USCAP website for the latest news on USCAP events.

USCAP Companion Meetings

USCAP 2024Become EMpowered – Essentials of Electron Microscopy for the Surgical Pathologist
March 24, 2024 -Baltimore, MD, USA
Moderators: Charles Chan, PhD, MBBS; Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD
USCAP 2023Electron Microscopy in Pediatric Renal Pathology
March 12, 2023 – New Orleans, LA, USA
Moderators: Eric P. Wartchow, PhD; Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD
USCAP 2022Electron Microscopy in Diagnostic Medical and Transplant Renal Pathology: New Approaches and Teasing the Subtleties
March 20, 2022 – Los Angeles, California, USA
Moderators: David N. Howell, MD, PhD; and Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD
USCAP 2021Searching for Covid-19
March 12, 2021 – A Virtual Companion Meeting with the Renal Pathology Society
USCAP 2020Contemporary Role of Ultrastructure in Tumor Diagnosis: Potential Contribution to Targeted Therapy
March 1, 2020 – Los Angeles, California, USA
Moderators: Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD; and Josep Lloreta-Trull, MD, PhD
USCAP 2019Primary Ciliopathies: Diagnosing Motile and Non-motile Ciliary Disorders
March 17, 2019 – National Harbor, Maryland, USA
Moderators: Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD; and Eric P. Wartchow, PhD(c)
USCAP 2018Pathology of the Nervous System
March 8, 2018 – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Moderators: Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD; and Elizabeth N. Pavlisko, MD
USCAP 2017Multidisciplinary Approach to the Contemporary Diagnosis of Spindle and Epithelioid Soft Tissue Tumors
March 5, 2017 – San Antonio, Texas, USA
Moderators: Guillermo A. Herrera, MD; and Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, PhD
USCAP 2016Small Blue Cell Tumors
March 13, 2016 – Seattle, Washington, USA
Moderator: Guillermo A. Herrera, MD
USCAP 2015Diagnosis of Disease in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle: A Multidisciplinary Approach
March 22, 2015 – Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Moderators: Anne F. Buckley, MD, PhD; and David N. Howell, MD, PhD
USCAP 2014Renal Transplant Pathology and Renal Manifestations of Stem Cell Transplantation: Ultrastructural Correlations
March 7, 2014 – San Diego, California, USA
Moderators: Sara Miller, PhD; and David N. Howell, MD, PhD
USCAP 2013Let’s Get Small: Ultrastructural Evaluation of Cellular and Subcellular SpecimensMarch 8, 2013 – Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Moderators: David N. Howell, MD, PhD; and Victor Roggli, MD  
USCAP 2012Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: The Case for a Multidisciplinary ApproachA joint session with the Binford-Dammin Society of Infectious Disease Pathologists
March 17, 2012 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Moderators: David N. Howell, MD, PhD; and Michael L. Wilson, MD
USCAP 2011The Interface of Pulmonary and Ultrastructural Pathology: Metals, Minerals, Molecules, and Morphology
February 27, 2011 – San Antonio, Texas, USA
Moderators: M. John Hicks, MD, PhD, DDS; and David N. Howell, MD, PhD  
USCAP 2010Avoiding Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Tumors
March 21, 2010 – Washington DC, USA
Moderators: M. John Hicks, MD, PhD, DDS; and David N. Howell, MD, PhD
USCAP  2009Current Role of Ancillary Diagnostic Techniques in Understanding Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Classification of Renal TumorsMarch 8, 2009 – Boston, MA, USA
Moderator: Josep Lloreta-Trull
USCAP  2008Failing Organelles and Storage Diseases: Update on Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment
March 2, 2008 – Denver CO, USA
Moderator: Guillermo A. Herrera  
USCAP  2007Differentiating the Undifferentiated and Poorly Differentiated Sarcomas: A Multidisciplinary Approach
March 25, 2007 – San Diego CA, USA
Moderator: Josep Lloreta-Trull
USCAP  2006Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Renal Disease: The Essential Role of Ultrastructural Investigation
February 12, 2006 – Atlanta GA, USA
Moderators: V. Nickeleit, MD; and J. Lloreta, MD, PhD
USCAP  2005Mesothelioma, Mesothelial Proliferations and Their Mimics: A Multimodal Approach
February 27, 2005 – San Antonio, TX, USA
Moderator: John Hicks  
USCAP  2004The Spectrum of Fibroblastic Tumors: Current Insights
March 7, 2004 – Vancouver, British Columbia
Moderator: John Hicks
USCAP 2003The GIST of GISTs (gastrointestinal stromal tumors): Perceptions from Different Angles
Washington DC
Moderator: Guillermo Herrera
USCAP 2002Electron Microscopy in Pediatric Pathology
Chicago, IL
Moderator: Guillermo Herrera
USCAP 2001Electron Microscopy in the Era of Molecular Diagnostics. Does It Continue to Play a Meaningful Diagnostic Role?
Atlanta, GA
Moderator: Guillermo Herrera
USCAP 2000Pathology of the Nervous System
New Orleans, LA
Moderator: Allan Tucker
USCAP 1999Pathology of Soft Tissues
San Francisco, CA
Moderators: Allan Tucker and Cristina Antonescu
USCAP 1998Ultrastructural Perspectives on Current Issues in Surgical Pathology
Boston, MA
Moderator: Allan Tucker
USCAP 1997Electron Microscopy & Immunohistochemistry: Complimentary Roles in Tumor Diagnosis
Orlando, FL
Moderator: Allan Tucker
USCAP 1996Malignant Mesothelioma
Washington, DC
Moderator: Samuel Hammar
USCAP 1995Diagnostic EM of Skin, Metabolic Diseases and Urinary Tract: State of the ArtToronto, Canada
Moderator: Irv Dardick
USCAP 1994The Undifferentiated Malignant Tumor and Identification of Microorganisms
San Francisco, CA
Moderators: Elizabeth Hammond and Cristina Antonescu
USCAP 1993Practical Applications of EM in Diagnostic Pathology
New Orleans, LA
Moderator: Bruce Mackay